10 Reasons why Daytime TV is a good thing

Daytime TV is one of my favourite guilty pleasures, but I no longer want to feel guilty for enjoying it when I can. Here’s ten reasons why we should all celebrate daytime TV:

1. When you’re allowed a day off school because you’re sick, it feels like a treat to be sat there watching Homes Under the Hammer knowing that all your friends are in their Maths lesson.

2. Old people use it for company/something to do when they can’t go out. Getting rid of daytime TV would be like age discrimination.

3. This Morning is sort of like the Mail Online in a TV show, so you can get all your gossip/health tips/cooking info/news updates without having to read anything. Which is probably pretty useful for a proportion of the population.

4. Jeremy Kyle will ALWAYS make you feel better about your own life. If you’re feeling miserable because you’ve been dumped/lost your job/having a bad day, switch on Jezza and immediately feel better because you know who your own father is/the father of your baby isn’t questioning the paternity because the baby is ginger/your mum isn’t a 62 year old pensioner who won’t stop sleeping around (all of these have actually featured on the show).

5. Students need something to distract them from work. As do people who work from home. Similarly, unemployed people need something to distract them from trying to get a job.

6. The adverts in the breaks between daytime TV shows are usually hilariously bad and tend to focus on a target market of incontinent elderly women.

7. Loose Women. I admit it divides people, and a lot of people hate it but I am not one of those people. I love it. Mostly because it means its lunch time, and I like to structure my day when I’m at home doing nothing.

8. Really (the channel) offers such gems as Bridezillas, Don’t Tell the Bride, and Cheaters. Which is brilliant for everybody who has an hour to spare because everybody loves these programs. I have heard so many men complain about watching DTTB, but I put it on when my whole family was around and everybody watched it (included Dad, uncles, brothers, grandad) and they were SO involved by the time the actual wedding came around. So don’t tell me you don’t love it, boys.

9. Getting to look at Holly Willoughby/Phillip Schofield. Because everybody must fancy one of them at least a little bit. How could you not?!

10. There is something for everyone on daytime TV. If you’re willing to surrender some of your intellectual integrity then you will undoubtedly find something to watch and enjoy. It would just be nice if we could all start admitting that we enjoy it so that people like me don’t feel quite so bad…

(I would like to add here that I don’t watch daytime TV EVERY day, and when I do it isn’t all day, because if you did that I think you would probably go a little bit insane)


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