One Born Every Minute

First things first, there was just too much good TV on tonight. I wanted to watch basically everything, and missed most of it because Mum had first choice with the remote, and she chose Midsomer Murders. Midsomer is one of my favourite guilty pleasures, and it is brilliant – but I really wanted to watch Gok’s Style Secrets and Africa! Hopefully will get to catch up on them soon and if I do I’ll be sure to let you know!

We ended up watching One Born Every Minute on Channel 4+1, which is honestly one of my favourite programs. I would hazard a guess that women make up the primary audience of this show, as childbirth is topic that women naturally tend to be more interested in – and are less bothered about watching (I’m not saying men don’t/can’t watch it, its just all male relatives leave the room the minute it comes on). If you haven’t seen it before, then just a note that if you’re squeamish you might want to avoid. Birth might be the most amazing, wonderful and miraculous process but it really isn’t pretty!

I love the way the program mixes scenes from the actual birth with interviews of the parents which are recorded before the baby arrives. It means you really get to know the parents (or at least feel like you do), and then when the baby arrives I always get emotional – but then I’ll cry at anything. It also includes interviews with the midwives talking about their experiences of mothers/birth/babies which are really interesting as they have a very unique insight into people’s lives.

The one thing this program definitely doesn’t do is make me feel broody (I’m sure Mum will be glad to hear that, as I’m only 19) because frankly, birth looks horrendous and I am happy to put it off for a VERY VERY long time…


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