The Undateables

When the first series of this aired last year I absolutely loved it – for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it follows disabled people who are looking for love, and challenges the concept that they are ‘undateable’.

The first series was brilliant. I felt the program was sensitive, interesting and funny without making a mockery of the people it featured. It definitely caused me to think about how society views disabled people. It did cause some controversy, especially regarding the name, but I felt this was unnecessary. The program makers weren’t saying that these people were undateable but rather that they are often viewed as ‘undateable’ by many people, which is obviously untrue as this program happily proves.

When I heard they were making a new series I was really excited and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Tonight’s episode on Channel 4 was really enjoyable, and I felt nothing but admiration for the people who featured on it.

One of my favourite people on tonight’s episode was a boy called Brent with Tourettes Syndrome, who lives in Plymouth – which is my hometown. I always get overexcited to see it on TV! It actually looked really good on screen, which was a pleasant surprise! Brent’s date was a success, happily, and the more relaxed he was the less prevalent his Tourettes became.

Watching this program challenges any preconceived ideas you might have about disability if you have no first hand awareness of it – it definitely did for me, as it shows very honestly what life is like for people living with disabilities. And if it makes just one person think about how they treat others, and stops them segregating people based on their disability then it is a success in my eyes!

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